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Community involvement is integral to bringing more housing while protecting the City’s quality of life.  Throughout the planning process we will be looking for your input.  Click here for a project schedule identifying the overall tasks, general timelines and opportunities for your involvement.  Be sure to sign up to receive updates.

Virtual Community Dialogue

In Spring 2017, the City hosted a virtual community dialogue to gather input from Sacramento residents and community members about four key topics: community values, community amenities, public spaces, and corridors.  Participants in the virtual community dialogue responded to 18 multiple choice, open-ended, and map-based questions.  A total of 2,121 respondents submitted their thoughts and ideas from Monday, February 28 through Monday, March 13, 2017.  Below is a link to a summary of feedback.

Community Open House

The City hosted a Community Open House on Monday, March 20 from 5:30 – 7:30 p.m. at New City Hall.  More than 140 community members dropped by to learn more about the Downtown Specific Plan and provide feedback.

To view the displays shown at the meeting, click the station below:

Below is a link to a summary of feedback.

Stakeholder Meeting Series

In December 2016, the City hosted a series of meetings that included representatives from local neighborhood associations, the business community, the development community and other-community based organizations to discuss different elements of the Downtown Specific Plan.  Below are links to the meeting summaries.

In an ongoing effort to meet the goals of the Downtown Specific Plan, the project team hosted a second stakeholder meeting in March 2017 to discuss the City’s overall goals, approach, changes to the plan.  Below is a link to a summary of feedback.


Development Advisory Group

As part of the collaborative process, the City has engaged a Development Advisory Group, composed of (local private developers, affordable housing developers, architects, attorneys, and bankers. To the right is a summary of findings from a series of interviews with representatives from the Development Advisory Group.

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